Gem Service Level Agreement

Follow all your service commitments to get the results you want. Supportbee is a support software as a service. Unfortunately, it does not support the management of the Service Level Agreement (ALS). Use detailed visualizations to quickly understand active SLAs, automate notifications to keep all stakeholders informed, and access important metrics to understand business performance, as opposed to service obligations. Monitor and manage service levels for continuous service improvements. Receive notifications of service level violations, as well as downtime, % downtime, usage time and other details over a given period Motadata Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management allows organizations to clearly define the level of services accepted by a customer by a provider by defining metrics (availability and availability, application time, benchmark performance, response time). etc.) which can be measured using this service. The platform helps users meet service level agreements (SLAs) for business applications and provides OOB performance reports for capacity planning and efficient use of IT resources. Finally, install a Cron command for this script.

For example: This is a Ruby script, and it must be run every hour by a Cron job. “maintenance window,” a period during which some maintenance areas are disconnected. Customers can view the timing and duration of Windows maintenance via our status data in our customer portal system. Get details on ALS compliance status, ALS status, ALS lifecycle for the desired period, and severity and compliance with timing, i.e. the number of violations and the history of GEMServer violations, which requires our customers to provide our customers with as reliable a hosting platform as possible. To this end, we have established the following agreement level service (SLA): Monthly Uptime Percentage Percentage (MOP) of the monthly bill for each covered service, which does not meet the SLO, which is credited with future monthly bill of the customer: “Monthly percentage of working time” means the total number of minutes in a month less the number of minutes lost time suffered by all time lost in a month. divided by the total number of minutes in a month. The maximum total number of financial credits that GEMServers spends on the customer for all down periods during a single month of billing does not exceed 50% of the amount owed by the Customer for the service covered for each month.

Financial loans are granted in the form of a monetary credit for the future use of the service and are granted within 60 days of the credit application. . Set the target values and you will be informed of sLA violations. Get details of health trends for the percentage of ALS injuries Take into account a structured approach to service level tracking to ensure high availability of critical business applications and ensure your business benefits more commercially through better management of your IT and IT processes. In order to obtain any of the financial credits described above, the customer must inform GEMServers technical assistance within thirty days of the date on which the customer is entitled to obtain a financial credit.